Hi I'm Benji

👉 Who am I?

👨‍💻 My name is Benji. I'm the CTO at VisiMedia and I'm passionate about how technology can be used for good.

🔭 Feel free to have a look through my GitHub to see some of my current projects.

📫 How to reach me: Contact me on GitHub or Linkedin

🔭 Projects I’m currently working on

Archivord - An Archvial bot for Discord. All data will be submitted to the Arctic World Archive.

⚡ Some of my favourite projects & prizes I've won

Monzo Spending Punisher - 🥇 Winner of Royal Hackaway v5

Serverless app that integrates with Twilio & Monzo to remind you (passive aggressively) that you're spending too much money.

Song Lyric Translator - Winner of Sage FutureMakers Hackathon

Integrates with the MusixMatch and Google Translate APIs to translate any songs to any language. Uses a very basic natural language processor to interpret the requests.

SafetyNet - Runner up of Royal Hackaway v6

Serverless app that integrates with Twilio to ensure safety of vulnerable individuals with regular check-ins and reporting.

Thermal Telegram

Windows application to enable modern "telegrams" between two thermal printers.

📦 NPM Modules I've made

typescript logo Part of Day - MIT

A simple TS compatible library that returns either morning, afternoon or evening dependent on a given EPOCH time.

typescript logo Random XKCD - MIT

Fetches a random XKCD comic and returns the URL.

javascript logo System Shutdown - MIT

Cross-platform support to shutdown a computer from Node.js

💻 Tech Stack:

typescript logo javascript logo css3 logo react logo sass logo php logo bootstrap logo composer logo docker logo firebase logo heroku logo jquery logo html5 logo materialui logo markdown logo mysql logo nextjs logo npm logo nodejs logo mongodb logo express logo


For business enquiries, feel free to reach out to me at VisiMedia on 0118 370 2920 or [email protected].

Alternatively, feel free to reach out via GitHub, Mastodon or LinkedIn


Thanks to bennyluk for the readme that I shamelessly stole